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Staying Healthy Isn’t Just About Eating Clean

The Investigation

Last week I shared with you what I eat to stay healthy because I get asked the question so often. The other thing people want to know is what I use around the house and my personal care products. With so many things out there, its hard to know what is healthy and what is a fad, I get it!

I know that in our quest to find clean beauty products and clean cleaning products, it’s not uncommon to find products that just don’t quite do the job. So, when I find products that are clean AND work, I’m happy to share them. Here’s what I’m using right now. 


I struggled with bad skin and acne for such a long time so finding clean beauty products that worked and didn’t make me breakout was a challenge. I recently had Dr. Trevor Cates on the show (episode 54). She has a fantastic line of skincare products under her moniker The Spa Dr. that I really love. I use the anti-aging serum, the oil, and the antioxidant moisturizer. If you decide to give her products a try, use the promo code INNA15 to save 15%. 


There are a lot of good, clean options these days. I used to use Suzane Sommers and I found it to be very clean and natural. Recently, the The Spa Dr started making a body wash and body lotion and I loved those so i switched to those as well.  

Oral Care

I recently had the opportunity to interview Dr. Kourosh Maddahi DDS on the show (episode 71). We talked a lot about oral health and the important microbiome of the mouth. After that show, I started using his line of oral care products called Lumineux Oral Essentials. I use the toothpaste and the mouthwash which do a great job of keeping my mouth clean and fresh without destroying my oral microbiome. If you decide to try his products out, be sure to use the promo code INNA15 to save 15%!


I’ve found a few good products for my hair that are clean and natural. I usually rotate between three different brands. I like Belegenza. I use the Illustrious shampoo and the daily conditioner. I recently also tried the haircare products from Monat (you have to sign up to get them). These products are not organic but are clean and do a great job.  The third product I use is by Hairstory. It’s different because it doesn’t lather the way a shampoo does but it is natural and it does help the hair maintain it’s moisture. 

Sun Screen

There are two kinds of sunscreens on the market – synthetic and chemical ones with ingredients like oxy benzene. These absorb into your skin and can cause free radical damage – which is not good. The other kind is a mineral sunscreen which is much safer and the one I recommend. The active ingredient is either titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.

Some people complain because the mineral sunscreens sit on your skin and can appear like a white film but they are much safer. The brand I use is Babo Botanicals. Their spray option is called Sheer Zinc and has an SPF of 30. I find it rubs in pretty well. I use it on my face and body.


There are two brands of deodorant that I rotate between – Native and Schmidt’s. Both of these are natural and do not contain aluminum or zirconium. Schimdt’s does have a little bit of baking soda which can be an irritant for those with sensitive underarm skin. This is why I rotate but both work really well. 

Cleaning Products 

It’s so important that we make sure that the things we use to clean our home are not toxic. Even though we are not putting them on our skin, we are still touching the surfaces and breathing the air. I use an all-purpose cleaner, granite cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, and kitchen sink cleaner from Better Life. I first saw this brand when they appeared on Shark Tank about 5 or 6 years ago and I’ve been using them ever since. Unlike some other natural cleaners, Better Life does not leave any residue and I find the scents really nice. 

Baby Wipes

I don’t just use baby wipes for the baby! My favorite ones are Water Wipes because they are mostly water with just a little bit of grapefruit seed extract which is a natural preservative. They don’t feel greasy and they work really well. I know a lot of my patients with digestive issues who have to go to the bathroom a lot (including those with Crohn’s or Colitis) really appreciate that these wipes keep them clean without the irritation toilet paper might cause. 

Laundry Detergent 

I use Schmidt’s laundry detergent. I find it works really well, it creates enough suds to get the clothes clean but it’s also natural. And, it has a nice, gentle smell that’s not too overpowering. 

In the Kitchen

I’ve found it’s difficult to find food storage containers that are glass and have glass lids. However, I think the plastic-lidded glass containers are okay because the food doesn’t really touch the plastic. When it comes to cooking, it can be a real challenge to find safe pots and pans. I want to avoid the non-stick pans because they contain the chemicals (like PFAS – per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) that break down and get into the food. These chemicals can persist in the environment and your body for decades. Stainless steel is great but the food does get stuck.   

I use the green pans but I don’t totally love them. I also have a cast iron skillet which is great, but I have seen people get too much iron in their bodies when they use these exclusively to cook all their meals. So, I am still on a hunt!

Eliminating Health Mysteries

Surrounding yourself and your home with healthy, clean products is one of the ways to reduce your chances of developing a health mystery of your own. And, the best way to find great products is to share which is why I’m happy to tell you what I’m using right now. If you have a product that you love to use, I’d love to hear about it. Please email me with your suggestions! 


Suggested Products

The Spa Dr. 

Lumineux Oral Essentials




Babo Botanicals



Better Life

Water Wipes

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