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What Would it Mean to Thrive in 2020?

The Investigation

I investigate a lot of health mysteries in my practice and on this podcast but there is one mystery that is hard to solve. How do you thrive? Not just in your health but in your life? If you got to the root of any problem and solved it, could you turn things around and live in optimal health?

The Answer is Individual

Everyone is going to view ‘thriving’ differently because it’s relative to your health circumstances and history. For me, thriving means waking up each day with great energy and sustaining that energy throughout the day. Getting fuel from the healthy foods I eat and digesting and absorbing everything with ease. Having my thyroid numbers in check and keeping my antibodies at an undetectable level. Having glowing skin and shiny hair a clear mind where I can easily focus on all the tasks at hand. Feeling present in my daily activities and enjoying what I do while having peace of mind, that is a big one for me. Having trust that things are working in my best interest. Parenting from a place of calm, enjoying quality time with my husband and family and really connecting with myself and others. 

What Does Thriving Mean for You?

It’s an important question that many of us don’t give much thought. But, think about it, if you can’t picture what thriving looks and feels like, how can you achieve it? In today’s episode, I want to help you make that picture a little clearer.

An Exercise and Meditation for the New Year

Let me walk you through a fun exercise that will set you up for your best year yet. It works best if you give it your undivided attention so get yourself set up in a quiet, calm place. Have a notepad and pen handy because you’ll be doing some writing. Plus, if inspiration strikes during the exercise, you can make a note. This exercise takes at least 10 minutes but you can pause and take as long as you want. 

Celebrate Accomplishments

Write down what you achieved this year. Celebrate and acknowledge your wins in:

  • Health
  • Career
  • Family and Friends (Social Life)
  • Lifestyle

Acknowledge Challenges

Write down the challenges you faced this year in all areas of your life. 

  • Health
  • Career
  • Family and Friends (Social Life)
  • Lifestyle

Envision Your Dreams Coming True

Now spend some time picturing what you want to accomplish or experience in 2020. But, instead of stating it like a wish, state it as if it is already happening to you. For example – I am at my ideal weight. Focus on 2-3 dreams in different areas of your life. 

Meditate On It

Once you have it all written down, close your eyes, put your pen and paper away and listen to this guided meditation. This will really help and you can use this recording over and over again to help you stay connected to your dreams and your  vision of really thriving in your life. 

Next Steps

I hope this exercise really helped. I would love to hear from you. What came up for you? Did you notice a difference right away or even a day later? Visit me on Instagram and let me know. 

Thanks for Listening

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