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When Lab Test Are Negative, You May Need a New Way to Diagnose Stealth Infections

The Case: 

  • Susie is 45 and always tired and under the weather.  
  • She’s experiencing muscle weakness, chills, achiness and like she’s about to get a cold or flu but never actually does. 
  • She also experiences hyper sensitivity to certain scents from perfumes, chemical air fresheners, cigarette smoke, and household cleaners 
  • She’s seen multiple doctors that were unable to find anything wrong with her. 
  • Tests for Lyme Disease and Epstein Barr Virus came back negative despite the symptoms pointing to these conditions. 

The Investigation

I use an analogy on the show all the time about our ‘bucket’ getting full from a variety of issues but it’s the last thing into the bucket that causes symptoms (though everything together is what creates the problem). I could see pretty quickly that Susie was dealing with several undiagnosed issues and that her symptoms were not likely to lead to a single issue.

Solving multiple health mysteries can be a real challenge, so I decided to rely on a technique that has worked for me and my family in the past – biomagnetismtherapy. Not only does it help diagnose difficult to detect infections, it also provides a non-invasive, drug-free way to treat them. 

Dr. Luis Garcia is such a strong believer in this therapy that he gave up his practice as a medical doctor to focus entirely on biomagnetic treatments. He stabilizes the body’s pH and stimulates the immune system through the use of magnets and bio energetic therapies. These help the body regain its self-healing bio electromagnetic balance so it can fight off infections. 

What are Stealth Infections?

Stealth infections are infections that are difficult to detect either because they lay in wait without causing symptoms or they are sub-clinical. Often, they go undetected because they are not tested for. Infections that are commonly missed include mosquito-borne viruses (Zika, Dengue, Malaria, and Chikungunya) and other infections transmitted by insects like Lyme Disease. 

At a subclinical level, symptoms of these types of viruses, like fatigue or joint pain, might be attributed to more common causes like stress or aging and then treated with medication. Or, these viruses may not present symptoms at all until other stressors are added on the immune system and the ‘bucket’ overflows. 

How Does Muscle Testing Work?

Dr. Garcia uses kinesiology to conduct muscle tests that allow the body to reveal what illnesses are impacting specific areas of the body. I’ve done these tests with Dr. Garcia, so I’m able to share my personal experience in this episode. 

What he does is have a patient lay down on the table. He put shoes on so that he can get a level read on the movement of the leg muscles. He lines up your feet and then asks the body very specific questions watching for the involuntary contraction of certain muscles. When he sees these ‘tells’ he can ask clarifying questions to really pin down what’s going on. 

This Muscle Testing Sounds Fake!

I know it’s hard to believe that this process actually works because it sounds so impossible. But, I can tell you from my personal experience, Dr. Garcia was able to diagnose me with a condition I definitely did not know I had (listen to find out the shocking truth). As a traditional doctor, he was also skeptical. So, for the first dozen or so patients, he had his patients run labs to confirm his diagnosis and, after his treatment to confirm that it worked. He was stunned to see the results – results that lead to him giving up his medical practice to work exclusively with biomagnetic therapies. 

Treating Viruses and Infections with Magnets

Once the infection or virus has been identified and located in the body, Dr. Garcia uses magnetic force to shift the circulation in the body part or organ in order to flush out the infection. This detoxification process can happen as quickly as one session but longer held infections may take months to clear. 

He has successfully scanned for and treated bacterial infections, viruses, fungus, parasites, endocrine or organ dysfunctions, as well as certain emotional issues attributed to past traumas. Sometimes, these are layered on top of each other so treatment requires dealing with one issue at a time until everything is gone and the pH is restored. 

Mystery Solved 

Solving Susie’s health mystery required two lines of investigation. First, I looked at her test results and saw that she was not dealing with viruses well, especially when she became stressed or had hormone changes triggered by her menstrual cycle. I knew her immune system was under strain and unable to handle things under any kind of challenge. I suspected that there were subclinical viruses or stealth infections to blame. 

I sent her to see Dr. Garcia to determine what was going on. He found a ton of hidden stuff, including Epstein Barr virus, Cytomegalovirus, both German and English measles, malaria, yersinia, and pseudomonas to name a few. These infections were not acute, but they were collectively burdening the immune system. Susie had a biomagnetism treatment and felt more energy within just a few days. 

At the same time, because she had so many sensitivities I took a deeper look at her liver and detox pathways with an organic acid test and saw some pathways were compromised.

To detox the liver, I put her on a product called LV GB and NAC from Designs for Health.  I also started her on an antiviral protocol with Lysine, Selenium and Zinc. To support her gut health, she also took Orthobiotic Probiotic and Colostrum

Happy Ending

A month after treatment, Susie was no longer experiencing those ‘viral’ or ‘coming down with something’ feelings. She continued with monthly biomagnetic therapy for 3 months. She was so happy to find that she was completely symptom free. 

While she still has to avoid exposure to chemicals, she discovered that her sensitivity to scents had decreased by at least 50% after 3 months on the detox protocol. We hope that with continued detoxification, she will see that sensitivity disappear. 

Eliminating Health Mysteries

For Susie’s case we were able to find all of the hidden illnesses that were causing her strange collection of symptoms. Through bio magnetic treatments, she was able to regain her health. Could stealth infections be the missing clue for you or someone in your life? 


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