The Case of Body Tingling and Internal Vibrations w/ Stephanie Roman

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Weird Sensations Prove to be Unrelated to Nerve Issues

The Case: 

  • Holly is 39 and has been experiencing strange body sensations like tingling, buzzing and internal vibrations that she can’t explain
  • She’s seen several neurologists, had MRIs, nerve tests and a brain scan but it was all normal
  • The only solution doctors offered was anti-anxiety medication. She knew that wasn’t her issue. 

Strange tingling, feeling like your body is buzzing inside, and similar symptoms could be related to various medical conditions involving the brain or central nervous system so Holly did the right thing by getting those checked out first. But, like many people who deal with unsolved health mysteries, once her doctors ruled those out, they stopped searching for an answer. In fact, they essentially said it was all in her head. 

Feeling undermined, ignored, and frustrated, Holly came to see me. I was ready to get to the root of the problem and I suspected it wasn’t going to be something that could be measured with MRIs and CAT scans. 

The Investigation

I deal in science. My work is framed by functional medicine and the clinical studies that support it. So, it’s not often that I have to veer off of the physical-proof path. However, in Holly’s case, I did suspect that her symptoms might be related to energy which meant that we had to explore the possibility that the cause might not be an entirely tangible. 

Stephanie Roman knows these feelings very well. She spent much of her life ignoring or repressing them. But this manifestation of energy is hard to ignore and she eventually had to acknowledge and embrace it. Now it is at the core of her work as an energy healer, psychic, author, Tedx Speaker, and trainer.

Beyond the Physical Body

Stephanie explained that we have different bodies beyond our physical body. We might call them spiritual or energy bodies. These bodies dictate our emotions and our reactions which in turn, affects our physical body. 

We are All Psychic

Stephanie believes that we are all psychic in varying degrees and ways. We are born psychic. Some people call this energy or they might feel like they’re getting messages from their body.  In our childhood, we are much more acquainted with our psychic energy but as we grow up, and learn societal beliefs and expectations, we loosen this connection. 

Welling Up of Energy

Some people more open to the energy and maintain their psychic or energy connection after childhood. They may be completely unaware of it. This can cause the energy to build up until suddenly it shows up as physical symptoms. This might feel like tingling under the skin, shooting sensations (like a jolt), an internal vibration, or ‘buzzing’. This is like the bucket overflowing or the shaken soda bottle popping it’s top.   

Stress and Fear

These symptoms can cause a great deal of anxiety (as they did for Holly) because doctor’s can’t find the source and the body feels ‘off’. Unfortunately, this fear and stress can exacerbate the symptoms because it’s like a piling on of energy; the stress just adds more water to the bucket. It’s easy to be afraid of things that we don’t understand. 

How to Deal with Excess “Energy”

When someone finally figures out that they are holding energy, it can be confusing and frightening. Even Stephanie denied her psychic abilities for years because of the stigma and disbelief. She offered some great tips (and she goes into detail about each one in the podcast) for dealing with this new reality. 

  1. Find a community
  2. Grounding meditation (empty your energy bucket)
  3. Visualization – of a tree
  4. Get into nature (away from electronics) stick bare feet in grass

The Gift

She knows that people are scared of being open to energy. They don’t want to admit that these feelings may mean that they’re better able to tap into the world of energetics, healing and even psychic abilities. They might brush it off or use more socially-acceptable terms like being ‘intuitive’, being ‘lucky’, or having a ‘gut feeling’. Stephanie encourages everyone to embrace their abilities, nurture them and see them as a gift. 

Happy Ending

Holly was resistant to these ideas at first but she was eager to try anything that would make her feel better and prove that this wasn’t all in her head as the doctor implied. 

We did some grounding meditations and guided visualizations which helped Holly understand her body more. She was able to hone in on the energy in different locations and control it more. 

Holly had another breakthrough when she noticed situations where she picked up extra energy. Knowing this allowed her to do some preventative work which meant that energy didn’t get bottled up again. 

It was a strange road for Holly but she’s feeling much more in control now and is even considering embracing her gift and doing some training in Reiki. 

Eliminating Health Mysteries

For Holly we were able to go beyond the physical tests and find the source of her problem. Could your energy body hold the clue for you or someone in your life? 


Grounding Meditation

Thanks to my guest Stephanie Roman. You can connect with her on Facebook or Instagram.  

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